Elementor #3258

Inner Alchemy Inbox Session

Gain clarity, confidence + strategy for 1 specific issue/area you are wanting support in improving as soon as possible.    


Overview of the layers of your vibrational output – see where the pull/pull of energy is taking place and how to steady your dominant vibration via

Thought, feeling, subconscious, self concept, daily action etc.

Identifying and emotionally connecting to your specific desired outcome and the belief that it is possible for you. 

How to “include the resistance” or “blocks” so you can manifest faster. 

Things to immediately stop doing and/or start doing.

1- 2 custom affirmations + questions to shift into alignment within . 

Guidance on what to do with the new, when it shows up so that you experience lasting improvements that you can build on. 

Answering your specific manifestation questions. 

To book your Session, email me with “Inbox Session” in the subject line. Tell me a bit about your current circumstances and what you are wanting to manifest.

This is a premium next day service with a limit to 1 spot available per day, by email request only. 

This option is best for experienced, self motivated manifestors needing a quick but deep dive into their blindspots within a situation,  from a vibrational perspective and what is the next best step. 

Declutter Day/Creative Catalyst Session

24 hrs, dedicated to you, your life and creative spirit. 

Declutter your mental + emotional (dominant thoughts + feelings) and physical (daily actions + external environments) 

Discover simple, clear set of steps to getting what you want as quickly as possible and keep it as an actively evolving new pattern of success in your life. 

Are you feeling smothered in creative ideas, pulled in different directions, on the verge of burn out, unfulfilled because you know you’ve been playing small, 

Give yourself the day to figure it out and experience renewed confidence, clarity and momentum. 


2 hour kickstart call (or text option) 

24 hr access to me – leave as many txt, voice notes or emails with your manifestation and personal development questions, ideas, goals etc. 

I will share as much as I can with you within that time frame as well as provide: 

Clarity, Strategy, Insight, Inspired Action Steps 

Includes a follow up 


90 Day Coaching Framework

Currently offered to clients who have completed either of the above Sessions.

Individually tailored extension of support over 90 days to address the goals defined in our Inbox or Declutter Day Session and whatever else comes up as new energy flows into your life. 

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