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Consulting Sessions:

Together we will explore the energy of your life (the people, places and things) by taking an honest (shame-free) look at your current self-concept, core values, and daily action – through a spiritual lens. 

I offer both an extended (9 week) and 1 day option to work together on what matters most to you at this time.  

You will discover where and why changes must be made, if you are serious about ending chronic cycles and current patterns; cultivating new and improved experiences.  Our time together will support you to:

  • Clean up the mental clutter.
  • Tap into your intuition – your inner compass.
  • Stop spending your energy, time + money on the unnecessary rituals that can slow down your desires from manifesting. 
  • Strategize the specific daily actions that will get you to the experiences you want and are ready for.

Let’s drop the judgement, excuses and perpetual state of waiting for the right time + circumstances to whole- heartedly shift: 

Your Mindset

  • Self concept – What you believe about yourself in relation to what you want to welcome into your life. 
  • Thoughts – repetitive, intrusive, dominant, subconscious programming
  • Feelings – emotional intelligence, self awareness, balancing and honouring  masculine/feminine energy 
  • Focus – clarify and prioritize the next best steps for you. Simplify the steps ahead.
  • Assumptions + values – the lens through which we view our experiences. 

Your Daily Habits

The intentional repetition of smaller actions that create a larger impact over time. Genuine, lasting transformation. Closing out out cycles and welcoming in what you actually want. 

  • new habits
  • confidence through strengthened intuition and self awareness 
  • mastery of skill
  • vibrational alignment through assumption, action and responsibility.
  • quantifiable proof of progress 

How Can We Work Together?

Choose what will best support you 

1 week 1:1


9 Week 1:1

Starting at 1,999. Currently full. 

Pre Recorded Sessions + Workbooks 

Progress at your own pace; listen, watch or read again as often as needed. 

Disclaimer: Classes, Inbox Sessions, Subliminals, Workbooks and all information shared on are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional therapy, medical advice or treatment. 

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